The Synesthesia Battery

Please indicate your responses to the questions below

Do numbers or letters cause you to have a color experience? Example: Does the letter J 'mean' yellow to you? Or does '5' make you perceive purple?

Yes, I have had similar experiences
No, I have not had such experiences

Do weekdays and months have specific colors? Example: Does July always mean Navy Blue to you? Is Wednesday always orange?

Yes, I have similar associations
No, I do not have such associations

Do you imagine or visualize weekdays, months and/or years as having a particular location in space around you? Example: Is September always located two feet in front of you to the left?

Yes, I have always felt these specific spatial locations
No, I have never had this kind of association

Does hearing a sound make you perceive a color? Example: Does a shrill car horn cause you to see the color green? Does C sharp make you see pink?

Yes, I do have such experiences
No, I have not had such experiences

Do certain words trigger a taste in your mouth? Example: Does the name 'Derek' taste like earwax?

Yes, this is familiar to me
No, I have never felt like this

Do you feel a sense of touch when you smell things? Example: Does the smell of coffee make you feel as though you are touching a cold glass surface?

Yes, I have had such experiences
No, this doesnt happen with me

We have described a few types of synesthesia. Many other unusual blendings of the senses have been reported. Do you suspect that you experience an unusual blending that other people do not have (other than the ones listed above)? These could include automatically hearing a sound when you see movement, or the sense of a shape being triggered by a taste, or experiencing a color when feeling pain.

Yes, I believe I may have other forms of unusual sensory experiences
Not that I know of